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Neuroretinitis secondary to dual infection of Toxoplasma gondii and Bartonella hensalae

Siti-Khadijah A., R., Yaakub A., Muhammed J., Wan Hitam W.-H.

Intraocular silicone oil removal: timing, outcome, and silicone oil complications encountered

Ismail N., S., Phang L., K., Min T., W., Abdul Halim W., H., W., Ali H. M.

Malay Glaucoma Eye Study: cigarette smoking and primary angle closure glaucoma

Salim N.,-L., Selvarajah P., Husain N., Yaakub A., Ab Hamid S., A., Jalil R., A., Saad A., M., Tin A., Ahmad Tajudin L.-S.

Anatomic predictors of intraocular pressure change after phacoemulsification: an AS-OCT study

Ramli N., Chan L., Y., Nongpiur M., Samsudin A., He M., Zahari M.

Primary open-angle glaucoma with retinal vein occlusion: a retrospective case series

Ramli M., A., Che Mat S., M., Yaakub A., Zunaina E., Ahmad Tajudin L. S.

Bilateral optic neuritis secondary to presumed ocular tuberculosis in immunocompetent adults

Ganasan D., K. Shahrudin N., A., Mohd Zahidin A., Z., Mohd Khialdin S., Md Din N.

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