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Liza-Sharmini A. T.

Surgical outcome of retropupillary iris-claw lens implantation: a retrospective review

Foo L., M., Shi Jin D.,-T., Tinesh T., Jane-Foo M., L., Ngoo Q., Z., Khairy-Shamel S., T., Liza-Sharmini A. T.

Intravitreal Ozurdex® in non-intact posterior lens capsule: case series and dilemma

Atikah A., Mushawiahti M., Mae-Lynn C., B., Ainal A., Suraya H., Tan S., Y., Lim S., T., Kuan H. C.

Ganglion cell layer-inner plexiform layer thickness and vision loss in cerebral palsy

Lim H., W., Abdul Razak N., N., Ismail M., F., Ling K., P., Vendargon F. M.

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