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Ahmad Tajudin Liza-Sharmini

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Original Articles

Surgical outcome of retropupillary iris-claw lens implantation: a retrospective review

Lee Min Foo, Diana-Toh Shi Jin, Thamotaran Tinesh, Mei Li Jane-Foo, Qi Zhe Ngoo, Sonny Teo Khairy-Shamel , Ahmad Tajudin Liza-Sharmini

10-19 |

Effect of glycaemic control on corneal parameters among type 2 diabetes mellitus

Vidyalakshmi Jayaraj, Premjit Bhakat, Jyothi Thomas, Karthik Rao

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Lack of perceived social support contributes to depression and anxiety in patients with glaucoma

Muhammad Fadhli Hamid, Ng Chong Guan, Sujaya Singh, Norlina Ramli

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Ganglion cell layer-inner plexiform layer thickness and vision loss in cerebral palsy

Hui Wen Lim, Nora Norzareen Abdul Razak, Mohamad Fathi Ismail, Kiet Phang Ling, Francesca Martina Vendargon

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Clinical evaluation of a new hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lens with a novel delivery system

Mun Wai Lee, Fook Meng Cheong, Robert Yeo

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Case Series

Intravitreal Ozurdex® in non-intact posterior lens capsule: case series and dilemma

Asini Atikah, Mustapha Mushawiahti, Catherine Bastion Mae-Lynn, Adlin Ainal, Hashim Suraya , Shu Yu Tan, See Theng Lim, Huey Chin Kuan

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Case Reports

Double rosette cataract: a case report

Nurul Aini Abdul Rahman, Ameilia Ahmad

82-85 |

Remarkable ophthalmic improvement following early diagnosis and treatment of paediatric prolactinoma-compressing optic chiasm: a case report

Indra Tri Mahayana, Muhamad Dwi Nugroho, Sahara Effendi, Natalia Christina Angsana, Madarina Julia

86-93 |


Successful treatment of scleral perforation in a patient with surgically induced necrotizing scleritis

Kiew Ing Tiong, Hao Chi Ho, Rohanah binti Alias

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