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Injury to the eyelid is one of the most common emergencies at eye hospitals. Injuries to the eye and its surrounding tissues may result from several types of foreign bodies. The injured eye must be carefully and gently examined to prevent missed injuries and to avoid putting pressure on the globe, which might cause prolapse of intraocular contents.

We report an unsightly upper eyelid discharging sinus with wood fragment impaction that was incompletely removed by the first attending physician for a period of eleven months. The wood fragments were carefully and completely removed under local anaesthesia, and debridement and dressing of the wound were done by an ophthalmic plastic surgeon when the patient was eventually referred to the tertiary institution. The need to include basic eye care courses in continued medical education for all general practitioners is advocated to reduce resultant ocular morbidity from such ocular injuries. This will aid this group of physicians in decision-making while providing care to patients with eye injuries.