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Background: Intraorbital foreign bodies (IOrbFB) are a common result of trauma and can cause significant ocular morbidity. When left in the orbit, they can remain asymptomatic or cause serious complications such as the loss of an eye.

Case presentation: We report 6 cases of IOrbFB treated in Hospital Serdang and their surgical outcomes. Two cases involved organic foreign bodies (wood) and 4 involved inorganic foreign bodies (3 cases of metal and 1 of glass). Both cases with organic foreign bodies had surgical removal in a delayed setting, while the inorganic foreign bodies were removed within 3 days of initial presentation. Five patients had a good visual outcome and only 1 patient had resultant blind eye due to involvement of the globe.

Conclusion: Loss of vision due to IOrbFB is usually a result of globe involvement. Early surgical exploration and foreign body removal affects the visual prognosis and outcome. Organic IOrbFBs pose a great challenge due to their diverse manifestations, thus tends to be missed during the initial visit. Delayed diagnosis can cause higher risk of orbital infections.