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Background: Fireworks are small explosive devices used primarily to create a large amount of noise, usually for celebration or entertainment, especially during the holidays. Fireworks can cause chemical trauma as well as explosive trauma to the ocular tissue and orbit.

Case series: We report the spectrum of eye injuries in a district hospital on the Hari Raya Festival in 2022. In just 4 days during the Hari Raya Festival, a total of 6 patients were referred to us. We observed a variety of ocular injuries, such as hyphaema, angle recession, traumatic cataract, corneal abrasion, commotio retinae, and even
traumatic optic neuropathy. Some patients were admitted for closer monitoring and intravenous administration of methylprednisolone, as is the case with patients with traumatic optic neuropathy. Some of them are treated only as outpatients.

Conclusion: Fireworks are dangerous and can cause severe blast injuries to the eyes. Early and prompt treatment is critical. However, primary prevention is also of utmost importance.