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Pituitary apoplexy in pregnancy is a potentially fatal condition caused by acute ischaemic infarction or haemorrhage of pre-existing pituitary adenoma or within a physiologically enlarged pituitary gland. It has a wide spectrum of clinical presentations ranging from a mild headache to sudden collapsed. Here, we report a life-threatening case of pituitary apoplexy in a non-functioning pituitary macroadenoma occurring during pregnancy that presented with bilateral blurring of vision. Visual field showed bitemporal superior quadrantanopia. Urgent non-contrast brain MRI revealed an acute expansion of a hemorrhagic pituitary lesion complicated with local compression to the optic chiasm. The patient underwent an uneventful right supraorbital craniotomy and excision of the tumour under general anaesthesia with no foetal loss. The repeated visual field at 2 weeks after surgery showed recovering visual field defect. Hence, early neurosurgical intervention is advisable to prevent mortality and morbidity due to permanent visual field loss.